view of exhibition, size 336*224 cm. MOMMA, Moscow

Bruises series, 2020

Photo print, variable size

"In her new series titled Bruises, Mokhryakova addresses the phenomenon of domestic violence that has become more frequent during the pandemic, the politics of images, the online circulation of images and fake news. A selfie image of a girl with a black eye is distributed in all media as a document, as evidence, as an Instagram mask, as a flash mob, as a beauty life hack. The girl with a black eye has already become an iconographic image that circulates daily in all media. To some extent, this image has become a full-fledged poster against domestic violence. However, the scandal with American actress Amber Heard, who took a fake bruised selfie using it against her husband Johnny Depp, problematized this image. Photographically recorded evidence of Depp's rampage - pictures of bruises on the face, around the eyes, filed by Heard in court, turned out to be falsification, threatening the actress herself with a court for libel. It turned out that the bruise can be easily faked and used to speculate on feminist ideas for their own purposes. Appearing in different communities thanks to the mechanisms of social networks, the image of Amber Heard got its 'like' depending on the user's beliefs. Someone saw it as a struggle, while others saw fake, hype and manipulation", – Alexander Burenkov, curator