performance, 60 min, 2018, Paris

At the opening of a young <promising> artists exhibition I gave a performance called "Voulez-vous coucher avec moi?" * Crawling on all fours in the evening gown, I learned what the opening day looks like when you are (between the legs) at feet of the audience.

Boots, boots, ankle boots, sneakers, heels and boots again……Elegant and clean shoes of the French audience and FIAC visitors keep me delighting throughout the performance. The flashes form the cameras, men and women taking pictures with their smartphones, the rumble of the crowd and then – everything goes back to normal and I'm no longer in the spotlight. But I keep crawling, feeling like a part of the exhibit at which the viewer can stop and look or walk on by. I crawl from one work to another and hear French artists energetically talking about their works. "Right now, they are making useful connections," I think, "while other artists (mostly from Eastern Europe) are having fun in the lounge area". A callus begins to grow on my right knee and the name of my performance can only be read in the exhibition catalog. I, like a glamorous diva or fallen starlet, have crawled through the entire exhibition in an hour thinking that actually I'm a crocodile.

* Do you [formal] want to sleep with me (tonight)?