performance, video, sound, object, Moscow, 2017

Project COME ON! is an anthropology expedition of an artist into the world of sport. Acquaintance with professional tennis players and transformation of their activities into the art space gives opportunity for audience to look for a new perception point. Work with documentary materials (personal stories and stories of matches, abstract/schematic drawings of games (matches), dreams, voice messages) allows me to open a new horizon for creating a fictional world of a sportswoman. This world's incarnation is realized through objects, video, sound and performance.

At first we construct and then deconstruct an image of a tennis player. We are creating a multilevel match (action occurs simultaneously in 2 different spaces), where audience chooses their position: either static or dynamic. The position an audience member decides to choose is his/her answer and reaction to an athlete. Performers have masks and different situations like falling, audience touching or even slapping may occur.